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 March 20th, 2012

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Dark Match: Reuben Clay won a Fatal 4 way pinning Rated Blade at 5:42.

*** FWE Warpath intro plays as Pyrotechnics go off. The sold out crowd is going wild. ***

Ted Andru: This is it folks. FWE’s final stop before Glory Road. We are live in front of a sold out crowd as everyone gets ready for Pro Wrestling’s premiere event.

Mike Daniels: I know I am excited as all hell. Let’s get this show started. WHOO!

*** Harrison Superiore’s Theme plays ***

RA: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new GM of Warpath. Harrison Superiore. ***crowd boos***

Harrison: Last week, I did what was best for Warpath. Last week, I did what was best for FWE. Last week, I disposed of Nick Angel and replaced him with someone far more capable of running a show of this prestige. And you know what. I enjoyed every moment of it. Lets watch it again.

*** Footage of last week’s Warpath show on the Titantron with the screen freezing on Tyler Krocket standing above a knocked out Nick Angel. ****

Harrison: And that is why I am in charge. It is because I have at my power some of the most impressive talent imaginable. Especially with the monster Tyler Krocket. With my brains and his brawn, Warpath will become FWE’s elite show. Now everyone enjoy the show as the first match will begin now.

Ted: Unbelievable. Talk about Chaos.

Mike: No kidding. Who knows what is going to happen now on Warpath with this guy in charge.

**Jepha's theme hits**

*Ding Ding Ding*

RA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and has a 20 minute time limit! Introducing first, from Belleville, New Jersey, He weighs in at 215 pounds, Ladies and Gentlemen, This is JEPHA!

Mike: Jepha on his way to the ring now, looking to pick up a win against his opponent, who’s got a bit of momentum heading into this one. Ted: But don?t underestimate this kid, he has a lot of explosiveness and can unleash it at any moment.

**Snagz’s theme hits** RA: And his opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 245 pounds. SNAGZ!

Mike: Snagz appears to be taking his time heading to the ring, a sign of confidence, or possibly fear?

Ted: Look at the size of Snagz,

Mike. When you’re 6’7 tall, it’s hard to be intimidated, especially when you have an eight inch height advantage on your opponent. This one, in my opinion, looks like a mismatch?

*Ding Ding Ding*

Mike: Snagz finally makes his way into the ring as this match up gets underway. Judging by his facial expression, doesn't look too impressed by his opponent. But look, Jepha is charging him! Jepha unloading with a series of punches, but Snagz doesn’t look phased!

Ted: Snagz catches one of his punches! Oh lord, he’s lifting him up with the military press. He?s walking by the ropes... Good god! He just threw Jepha out to the concrete floor!

Mike: He nearly cleared the floor and landed in the crowd! The referee heads outside to check on him, but Snagz, follows him out and rolls him back into the ring.

Ted: I don’t think Jepha has moved since he hit the floor? This is looking scary? Snagz has picked up and he’s calling for the end? Lifts him up? Sky High! This match is over!


RA: The winner of the match? SNAGZ!

Mike: Total dominance from Snagz as he makes short work of Jepha tonight! But wait, he’s got Jepha up again? He?s looking for another Sky High! Come on Snagz! Don’t do it! He’s got him up and...

**Lights go out*

Ted: What the hell is going on? Are we having technical difficulties? Mike: I don?t think so? Wait, what’s that on the tron?

Words on the Tron: For too long, FWE has been in complete disarray, lacking the savior it so desperately desires? FWE will no longer be led astray? The revolution begins?. NOW!

**Puritania by Dimmu Borgir begins playing as old war footage is shown on the tron** Lyrics to the song: We?ll do away with your kind? Countdown to exterminate the whole human race?. 4? 3? 2? 1? **Spotlight shines in the ring and shows Johnny Ajax standing on the 2nd rope in the corner. As he?s revealed, a huge pop comes from the crowd**

Ted: Johnny Ajax! Johnny Ajax is back!

Mike: And listen to this crowd! The FWE original is back home and they're loving every minute of it!

Ted: Snagz Charges! But Ajax dives and hits him with a Hurricanrana! Snagz back up to his feet quickly and throws Ajax up, but Ajax, could be going for another one! Snagz blocks it though!

Mike: Ajax throwing elbows to the head, He turns around! REVERSE HURRICANRANA! Snagz is out cold!

Ted: The crowd is going wild for the return of Ajax! Look, he's asking for a mic!

Ajax: I've sat back and watched warpath become a mess ever since Harrison Superiore took over. I'm tired of seeing a company I love, get driven into the ground by him, and his flunkies. Tonight begins the revolution to bring back the old FWE!

**Crowd cheers**

Ajax: And it starts after Glory Road.. I don't give a damn if it's Lockdown or JGT who emerges from the Undisputed Title match with the belt, there will be only one man you'll have to worry about, and that is me. My name is Johnny Ajax. And I will start a revolution that sees the end of a tyrant, and I guarantee, by the time it is all set and done, I will be the FWE Undisputed Champion!

**Ajax throws the mic down and escapes through the crowd**

Ted: What a statement Ajax has made! But what is this revolution he is talking about?

Mike: Who knows? But one thing is for sure, the Undisputed title picture has just had a major shake up!

*** The scene cuts to the parking garage. A limo pulls up. Jericho Goliath Thomas steps out of the limo. ***

Trevor: Mr. Thomas can I get a quick question with you.

JGT: No time son. Time is money and my money has to be made tonight as I beat down Pyrite. Its not personal son. Its just business.

Ted: So what do you think is going through JGT's mind as we are days away from Glory Road? Will he be able to defeat the man Pyrite. We'll find out next.

(Commercial Break)


JA: The following contest is scheduled for one fall

(JGT's theme hits)

JA: Introducing first, from New York City, weighing in at 250 pounds, JERICHO GOLIATH THOMAS

Mike: The question on everyone's minds is can Jericho become the Undisputed Champion after Glory Road? He has been on a roll as of late and is not planning on declining his good fortune

(Pyrite's theme hits)

JA: And his opponent, from Brooklyn, New York, weighing in at 285 pounds, he is the Demolition Champion, PYRITE

Ted: Pyrite puts his title on the line against The Freakshow this week at Glory Road, but first must overcome all odds and beat JGT


Mike: Both lock up, JGT attacks the knee of Pyrite, now Pyrite goes behind to deliver a back suplex slam. Both Pyrite and JGT lock up once more, JGT sends Pyrite running, SPINEBUSTER CONNECTS

Ted: JGT connects the armbar, Pyrite escapes and both men trade shots. But look, Pyrite has control in this one, Pyrite with a facebuster. Now Pyrite is stomping on the spine, damaging it. Now he is bashing JGT's head off the mat. Pyrite picks up JGT and now delievers a underhook suplex

Mike: Now Pyrite is on top of JGT, bashing his skull with those fists. Pyrite picks up JGT once more, sends him colliding into the barricade, that might come back to haunt JGT later on

Ted: Well you saw the impact JGT took into the barricade. Pyrite gets out the ring and is sending JGT left, right and centre. Now you can see Pyrite bashes JGT's head off the table, the ref at a six count

Mike: This could be an unfair advantage for Pyrite. Pyrite rushes in the ring, CAN JGT MAKE IT BEFORE THE REF REACHES TO TEN? Yes he does, both brawl one more time. Pyrite with a superkick out of nowhere, going for the cover



Mike: JGT manages to kick out. JGT sending a big boot to Pyrite, Pyrite dodges, GERMAN SUPLEX connects, going for the cover but JGT managed to easily escape

Ted: But JGT may have the advantage he needs right there. Elbow to the face of Pyrite. Pyrite looking for a clothsline, JGT with a dropkick. Now JGT does not hesitate to gain control, JGT bashing his skull with his fists this time. JGT picks up Pyrite, sends him in the corner and now placing him on top of the turnbuckle

Mike: Superplex connects, beautiful impact there by JGT. Now JGT climbs to the top, BODY SPLASH BY JGT. Now locks in the boston crab, Pyrite trying to reach to the ropes, can he? He does so, BUT JGT REFUSING TO LET GO. BUT HE DOES AT A FOUR COUNT

Ted: That is why JGT was not letting go, he wants as much damage as possible for him to gain the upper hand

Mike: And now Pyrite has JGT in a headlock, JGT escapes SUPERKICK TO HIM. Now JGT picks him up and sends him out the ring. Similar scenario played here. But JGT takes the liberty of bashing Pyrite's skull of the barricade. Heavy hits to the head. Pyrite slumps down, worn down but look at JGT.

Ted: JGT barges into Pyrite and the pain of Pyrite says it all. Pyrite is heavily wounded by JGT, the ref at a seven count. But JGT bashes Pyrite's head, off the ring post. Sends him in the ring. Now JGT climbs the top and another splash connects!





Ted: The smirk on the faces of Freakshow and Lockdown says it all, they are ready for their opponents at Glory Road!

*** The scene cuts to George Copeland in his office. Kat knocks on the door and comes in ***

Kat: Are you ready George?

George: You bet I am. Let’s go out thre and shake things up.

*** George gets up and walks out with Kat. ***

*** George Copeland’s theme plays***

RA: Ladies and gentlemen being accompanied to the ring by Kat. He is the CEO of FWE. George Copeland.

George: I am out here, because it is time that I addressed something. I feel that lately, Warpath has been lacking something. Something very important. But do not worry, for I have the answer to this problem.

Kat: And what might that answer be dear?

George: Well, I am glad you asked. You see, I feel that we need to have a shake up of sorts. Especially at the top of Warpath. And that is why I am announcing a change to the Glory Road card. Now... the Undisputed title match will be a triple threat match featuring Jericho Goliath Thomas, The Lockdown...AND ME! GEORGE COPELAND

Ted: What unbelievable news. George COpeland has added himself to Warpath’s main event at Glory Road. What Brilliance.

Mike: More like what power abuse. This is absolutely unbelievable. JGT and Lockdown have to be furious at this announcement.

*** DA King is in his locker room. He is lacing up his boots as Freakshow walks in. ***

King: Hey! What the hell are you doing. Get the hell out of here before I knock your teeth down your damn throat!

Freakshow: Relax. I'm not here to fight you...yet. No I came here for something else. Thats a nice looking belt. I suggest you enjoy it while you can HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

*** Freakshow leaves the room ***

King: Stupid Freak.

Mike: Wow there is a lot of tension there. Who will prevail between Freakshow and DA King?

We'll find out next!

RA: Coming to the ring from Matamoras Pennsylvania, Weighing in at 200 lbs. He is THHHHHHEEEE FREAKSHOW

Ted: Freakshow is undoubtedly the sickest son of a bitch in FWE.
Mike: Sick yes. But no doubt he is highly successful. I’m pretty sure that if this were a title match, we would have a new New Age Champion tonight.

*** DA King’s Theme plays ***

RA: Coming to the ring from Your Darkest Fears. Weighing in at 235 lbs. He is the New Age Champion. D. A. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNGGGG

Ted: He is one of the fastest rising stars ever in FWE history. He has star written all over him.

*** Ding Ding Ding ***

Ted: And Freakshow starts this match off with a series of punches to King’s face. He clearly took that Stupid Freak comment a little too personally. But it does not matter as Freakshow continues to smack King around. And he levels King with a clothesline. And now he is stomping on King’s chest! Its not the most technical of moves but it certainly is effective. Freakshow picks up King. He is measuring him....Dropkick. Right to the face. Freakshow is clearly relishing this.

Mike: Clearly as Freakshow now delivers a leg drop across King’s chest. Freakshow, has King up he tries to whip him into the corner...but King counters. King sends Freakshow into the corner. And King delivers a running shoulder block to Freakshow’s gut. And he is not stopping. He is continuing with the shoulders to Freakshow’s gut. King pulls Freakshow out of the corner and he connects with a DDT in the middle of the ring. Right on to Freakshow’s head. And now King is giving Freakshow a taste of his own medicine with some stomps of his own. Man he is stomping on The Freak’s face.

Ted: He sure is. King tosses Freakshow into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a spinebuster. Here is the cover.


Ted: Amazing. Freakshow as not going to let himself get beat that easily, but King is not letting up. Standing Swanton to Freakshow while he is down. And King now picks up Freakshow and delivers another DDT... followed by a quick legdrop. Now King has Freakshow up as he tosses him into the corner. He is charging.... But Freakshow ducks and runs off the ropes. And he connects with a running back wheel kick to King. And Freakshow....is climbing the ropes?

Mike: Odd decision here. Especially now that Freakshow is waiting for King to stand up. And he nails King with a flying dropkick! King is down. Freakshow is now stomping on King’s arms. I think he is setting up for something. ARM BAR! Freakshow has an arm bar locked in on King. King is in absolute pain. Will he tap out?

Ted: NO! King is doing his damndest to get to the ropes. AND he makes it! King is at the bottom rope as Freakshow releases the hold. He does not look happy. The ref is checking King to see if he can continue...wait Freakshow is going to the other side of the ring. He is taking the turnbuckle off! While the referee is not looking.

Mike: Wait the ref is now noticing what he is doing and he is coming over. BUT FREAKSHOW SMASHES THE REF’S HEAD INTO THE EXPOSED STEEL! Freakshow has blatantly knocked the referee out. King is back up... but JFreakshow greets him with a low blow. KIng is down... And Freakshow locks in The Hands Of The Freak! King is not tapping though! King is still fighting.

Ted: It doesn’t matter if he taps though because there is still no ref. WAIT! PYRITE IS COMING TO THE RING! PYRITE IS LOOKING FOR PAYBACK FROM EARLIER! AND HE CONNECTS WITH SPEAR WHILE FREAKSHOW IS LOCKED IN THE HANDS OF THE FREAK! Freakshow is down! Both men are down.

Mike: This one is anybody’s match now. But it looks like King is starting to get up. And my god. Freakshow is warily getting up too. BUT KING CATCHES HIM! KING HAS HIM UP! ROLLING SAMOA DROP! KING WITH THE COVER!


*** Ding ding ding ***

RA: The winner of the match. D. A. KIIIIIINNNNNNGGGGG

Ted: What an amazing match. Wait Pyrite does not look like he is done. He is standing over Freakshow in triumph. Could we be witnessing the future right here and now?

Ted Andru: We are in for quite a match coming up next because it will have none other then one of the participants at Glory Road for the Undisputed Championship, Lockdown!

Mike Daniels: And we also have another great superstar, and his name is Matt Queen. Last week he lost his matchup, but had a great and fun to watch show for us all, and i dont expect anything less from him tonight!

Ted Andru: Yes, but i think Lockdown has the upper hand on this one. He has been in an intense rivalry with Jericho Goliath Thomas, and he want's to be at one hundred percent to face off with him so expect Lockdown to give his one hundred percent.

Mike Daniels: Yes but you can never count out Queen, he is deffinietly one of the top superstars here on FWE and he will not stop at anything. I heard he once said that he'd give it all in the ring, even if it left him with nothing.

Ted Andru: That wasn't him dumbass! That was some other guy, but anyways we are about to start the match and first welcoming to the ring MAAATT QUEEEEEEN!

*Matt Queen's theme hit's and Matt Queen walks to the ring and he enters the ring and waits for Lockdown to get to the ring, to give lockdown a nice asskicking.*
Mike Daniels: Look how defiant he look's! Hes truly a great superstar, i wouldn't be suprised if he could beat both JGT and Lockdown on his own, he truly is one of the best superstars in this company and we are glad to have him on Warpath.

Ted Andru: Yes, i'll agree that i am happy to have him on Warpath, but now make way for the number one contender for the undisputed championship THAAAAAAA LOOOOOOCKDOOOOOOWN!!!

*Lockdown enters the ring as his theme plays and he walks slowly with a smirk on his face. He stops halfway to the ring and stares Queen in the eye. He looks back and then starts running to the ring. He starts punching him before the bell even rings.*
Ding Ding Ding!

Mike Daniels: Now Lockdown started out going hard, and he is punding the crap out of Matt Queen! And Queen is on the ground. Now look, Lockdown hits Matt with an elbow drop and Matt twitches from the impact! Now Lockdown has Queen up, and he irish whips him into the rope! Hes coming back now and Lockdown hit's Matt Queen with a clothesline, and Lockdown is totally taking control in this match!

Ted Andru: I knew it that a true champion worthy competitor would make such a great impact like this! Now look, Lockdown is doing everything absoloutly right. Hes running towards the rope, and WHAT THE HELL! Matt Queen just took out Lockdown's leg and now Lockdowns down on the ground. Matt Queen is now up on top of Lockdown and locks in the boston crab! And is Lockdown gonna tap this soon in the match?

Mike Daniels: No he doesn't! He wiggles his way out of it and wait, Matt has hold of his legs still and he kicks Matt out of the way! And Queen bumps into the ropes and is coming back and now Lockdown is up and knees Matt Queen in the ribs, and now Matt Queen is weary. Lockdown locks up with Queen and goes for the leg, but Queen doesnt let it happen. Matt Queen gets Lockdown in a headlock and takes his elbow and elbows Lockdown in the back of the head!

Ted Andru: Let's go Lockdown! Just shake it off. And now Matt Queen hits Lockdown with a russian leg sweep! And now Matt Queen hits Lockdown with a legdrop! Now Lockdown's hurting, so now Queen is going to try taking advantage of this moment and pin him. Heres the count!



Mike Daniels: That was a quick kickout on Lockdown's part. It'll take a lot more then a russian leg sweep and a leg drop to keep down, possibly, the future undisputed champion. Now Lockdown is back up and he kicks Matt in the groin and now he has his head locked. Lockdown does it! He hit Matt Queen with a DDT!

Ted Andru: Now Lockdown has the upper hand after that nowhere near to close pinfall, thats exactly what you should expect from a man like him. He will not give up for anything. Now look at him! Hes stomping on Matt Queen uncontrollably. NO! The ref is pulling him off! Really man, screw off. Now Matt Queen is using the ropes to get up. HA! Lockdown showed him whats up with that uppercut to the jaw and Matt Queen hits the floor!

Mike Daniels: Now Lockdowns going to pick him up, and hes gonna do it, the... NO! Matt Queen gets out of it and he hits Lockdown with a superkick and hes busted open! Now Matt Queen goes for the pin.




Ted Andru: AND THE PIN IS BROKEN UP BY NONE OTHER THEN JERICHO GOLIATH THOMAS! JGT has come out with a chair. Matt Queen throws a punch at JGT, but he moves out of the way and slugs Queen in the mouth! Now he has the chair and hits matt in the face. Hes down and knocked out!

Ding Ding Ding!

Ted Andru: With great displeasure, the winner by disqualification, MAAAATTT QUEEEEEEN!!!

Mike Daniels: Now this is just wrong, JGT has nothing to do with this match. Now hes picking up Lockdown, and Lockdown is out of it, hes barely standing up... And whats this? JGT puts his hand out to shake Lockdowns? Will this be a clean match at Glory Road? And lockdown shakes back! What a suprise.

Ted Andru: Now JGT takes the microphone. What will he say?
JGT!: Now Lockdown, at glory road i have the fullest respect for you, and this will certaintly be a match that neither of us will forget, this match is for the Undisputed Championship! And im really happy that you shook my hand, but ill tell you this. Its nothing personal, its just business.

Mike Daniels: Oh no! Now JGT pushes Lockdown around and hits him with the Showstopper! Now Lockdown is down and Matt Queen is down!

*Jericho Goliath Thomas' theme hit's and he walks out.*

*** The scene cuts to Harrison Superiore's office. Trevor goes in for an interview. ***

Trevor: Mr. Superiore. Can you tell us what you are thinking about Mr. Copeland's announcement.

Harrison: I have no comment at this moment about Mr. Copeland's actions tonight. All I can say that it is now confirmed that Mr. Copeland will be competing for the Undisputed Title at Glory Road. It is out of my hands.

Trevor: But can you explain why this is happening? Why did he decide to do it now?

Harrison: No. I cannot explain it. That is all I have to say for now. If you excuse me, I have to go accompany Tyler Krocket for his match.

Trevor: But wait-

*** Tyler enters the room. Trevor clumsily backs his way out of the room in fear. ***

Mike: The Main Event, Tyler Krocket vs. Johnny Ventura is coming up next.

*** Johnny Ventura’s theme plays. ***

RA: Coming to the ring from Brooklyn New York. Weighing in at 215 lbs. He is the Chaotic Fox. Johnny Ventura!

Ted: The man formerly known as Johnny Accura has returned to FWE. His return last week was impressive and tonight, he has his work cut out for him. But you have to believe he is up to the task.

*** Tyler Krocket’s theme plays ***

RA: Accompanied to the ring by Warpath GM Harrison Superiore. He weighs 400 lbs. Coming from Hell. TYLER KROCKET!

Mike: He is perhaps the most fearsome presence in FWE. Last week, he made a statement not just squashing his opponent but also taking out Nick Angel and helping Harrison with his coup.

*** DIng DIng Ding ***

Ted: And Ventura is not wasting time as he punches Tyler, but the punches are having no effect on the monster. And Tyler grabs Ventura by the throat and shoves him away. Wow what strength. And Krocket now clotheslines Ventura into the corner. And KRocket is now delivering a series of shots to Ventura’s body. And now he is delivering some back handed chops to Ventura’s chest. Ventura is going to need a year’s supply of ointment after this match. And Krocket delivers a choke throw to Ventura... sending him clear across the ring. Here is the first cover.


Mike: Ventura will not die that easily. But Krocket is not going to be merciful here. He tosses Ventura back into the corner and he goes for a running clothesline... NOBODY HOME. Ventura dodges Krocket. And now Ventura is going on the offensive with a series of punches. And Ventura is now dragging Tyler to the corner. And he is smashing Tyler’s head into the top turnbuckle repeatedly. Krocket is backing up warily. Ventura is climbing the top rope. HE CONNECTS WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! Ventura has knocke Krocket down and is holding on for the cover.


Ted: And Tyler kicks out with authority. But Ventura is not letting up. He is back on the offensive with a series of punches to Tyler’s face. Ventura delivers a dropkick to Tyler. And Tyler is down this time. And Ventura is not letting up as he stomps on Tyler’s mask. Harrison is yelling on the outside to his protege. Things are looking bad for the promising young monster.

Mike: That was a terrible line, but not as terrible as what Ventura is about to do to Krocket. Ventura has Krocket in the corner and he now is punching him. But Krocket recovers and tosses Ventura into the corner in his place. Krocket is delivering more chops to Ventura’s chest. Krocket now has Ventura in the middle of the ring, and he connects with a sidewalk slam! Krocket is not letting up on the punishment though as he picks Ventura up again. And he delivers another Sidewalk Slam. This is just brutal. And Krocket is setting Ventura up for something.... A SHARPSHOOTER? KROCKET ACTUALLY HAS VENTURA LOCKED IN A SHARPSHOOTER! A man that size, Ventura must be in serious pain, Will he tap.

Ted: Ventura is not tapping yet but it does not look good for him. He is barely moving other than squirming in pain. But Ventura is not relenting, he is rolling trying to flip himself back over... AND HE DOES! Ventura is now punching Krocket in the face and he gets Krocket to release the hold. He shoves Krocket back into the corner. Krocket is chargin again, but this time Ventura takes Krocket out at the legs. Krocket is down again. Ventura is standing up first. He has Krocket up and he drops him with a DDT! Ventura is waiting for Krocket to get up. TWIST OF HATE! IT CONNECTS! COVER!


Mike: UNBELIEVABLE! TYLER MANAGED TO KICK OUT OF THE TWIST OF HATE! Ventura is pissed off! He is going back to punching Krocket but its not stopping Krocket from getting up. Krocket is back up despite all the punches. Ventura looks frustrated. And Krocket greets Ventura with a big boot. Krocket is not playing around anymore. CHOKESLAM! CHOKESLAM! Here is the cover.


Ted: Ventura has his foot on the rope but the ref is not seeing it. HARRISON KNOCKS THE FOOT OFF THE ROPES. HARRISON HAS INTERFERED IN THIS MATCH


*** Ding ding ding ***

RA: And the winner of the match Tyler KROOOOOOCCCCCCCKKKEETTTTT!

Mike: Unbelievable. This was such a tremendous match only to be tainted by our GM.

Ted: Say what you will but that was a resourceful move by the GM. He did what it took for his man to get the win.

Mike: What an unbelievable show. Such chaos. Thank you for joining us. And we will see you all for Glory Road this weekend. Good Night everyone.

*** The camera cuts to Harrison raising Tyler’s arm in victory in the ring as the show fades to the FWE logo. ***
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