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 March 13th, 2012

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PostSubject: March 13th, 2012   March 13th, 2012 Icon_minitimeTue Mar 27, 2012 8:01 pm

Ted: Welcome Everyone to Warpath! We are just a little more than a week from Glory Road as we have a sold out crowd here tonight.

Mike: And what a show we have tonight. Freakshow. Pyrite. DA King. And many more in action tonight. Also we get to see Lockdown and Jericho Goliath Thomas go at it once more in a tag match. I cannot wait for this show to start.

Ted: Well you need not wait any longer as the first match is going to begin now.

Mike Daniels: We are going to have one hell of a show tonight, and we have a very special match and it will be intrcuducing a superstar named Tyler Krocket.

Ted Andru: Yes, im personally excited for this match, his opponent will be none other then Rated Blade so expect to see a good fight, because Blade will never give up until he has nothing left to give.

Mike Daniels: I agree with every piece if my mind but look at blade's opponent: A SEVEN FOOT TALL MONSTER! Wouldn't you be the slightest bit intimidated?

Ted Andru: Of course i'd be intimidated but i'd realize that there are a lot stronger competitiors to look out for and i'd just try my hardest to win the match.

Mike Daniels: I wonder about you sometimes Ted, anyways we're about to start the match.

RA: Now first to the ring, from Ottawa, Ontario....... RATED BLADE!

*Bring Me To Life by Evanscence plays and Rated Blade steps out and the crowd boos. He walks to the ring, taking one stride after another. A hater then tries stepping out of the audience but the security immediately takes him out of the arena and the crowd boos even more.*

RA: Now introducing, for the first time in FWE History.... The Monster..... TYLEEER KROOOOCKET!

*Been To Hell Redux begins to play as the seven foot tall monster walks to the ring. The crowds speechless and the Tyler Krocket grabs a microphone from Ted Andru and begins to speak*

Tyler Krocket: My name is Tyler Krocket, and i heard none of you guys liked Blade huh? Well ill be sure to give you a reason to watch this match, i'm going to beat the shit out of him.

Ted Andru: Now this is just great, an over-confident rookie is here to take on one of our finest superstars, just what we needed. Wheres freakshow when you need him, he beat up four rookies along with Snagz right?

Mike Daniels: Shut up and enjoy the match Ted.


Mike Daniels: And now we're off!

Ted Andru: look at Blade, he trying to lock up with Tyler, but no Krocket lifts Blade and slams him!

Mike Daniels: And Tylers already getting it started on Rated Blade! But now Blades right back up, and hes running right to the ropes and back to Tyler and clotheslines Tyler Krocket! ......... Tylers not even affected! OH SHIT!

Ted Andru: Tyler Krocket has a chokehold on Rated Blade! But Blade kicks Krocket in the groin and he loses the grip around Tylers neck! Thats why Rated Blade is considered a veteran of this company.

Mike Daniels: Why? Because of cheap moves like those? Now look, Blade is throwing punches and connecting with Krocket.

Ted Andru: Now Krocket has had enough. Tyler just kicks Blade in the abdomen! And now Tylers running towards the rope, and hes coming back and a big boot!

Mike Daniels: Ted, thats why Tyler Krocket is considered the FUTURE of this company!

Ted Andru: Your sucha smartass Mike..... And now Krocket is lifting Blade up! .... Tylers gonna regret that decision..UPPERCUT TO KROCKETS JAW!!!

Mike Daniels: And now Tylers pissed. But Blade hits Tyler with a dropkick and now Tylers on the ground.

Ted Andru: Now Rated Blade is getting up onto the top rope but Tylers already back up and now he leaps....!

Mike Daniels: Krocket catches Rated Blade in mid-air! Now another body slam!

Ted Andru: Now heres the pin...



Ted Andru: Now that was a close one but Blade is back up and hes running to the ropes and hes coming back towards Krocket.....

Mike Daniels: And Tyler Krocket delivers a sidewalk slam !

Ted Andru: This isn't good, not at all! Now Rated Blades getting picked up by Tyler Krocket... And he has the chokehold on Blade...oh no....

Mike Daniels: And Tyler Krocket connects with the chokeslam! What a slam from Krocket to Blade!

Ted Andru: Now heres the pin...

Mike Daniels: We dont even need the pin! The match is done!




RA: And your winner Tyler Krocket!!!

Mike: What dominance from Tyler Krocket. I do net envy the Warpath locker room. Because now, it just got tougher.

(Johnny Accura's Entrance Theme Plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from Brooklyn NEw York, Weighing in at 215 lbs. Johnny ACCCCCURRRRRRAAAAAAA!

Ted: He's BACK! THE CHAOTIC FOX IS BACK! I so cannot wait to see how he does tonight. A good performance here could help reestablish him here in FWE

(DA King's Theme Plays)

RA: Coming from Your Darkest Fears, Weighing in at 235 lbs. He is the New Age Champion D. A. KIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNGGGGG

Mike: And here comes perhaps the hottest wrestler in FWE. DA King in his short time here has already captured a title and defeated some of the bigger names here. He is going to go to high places here.

* Ding Ding Ding. *

Mike: And both men aren't really making a move toward each other. It looks like they are waiting for the other to make the first move. And DA King makes the first move with a punch to Johnny's face. But Johnny is not going to take this lying down as he responds with a punch of his own. Both men are just duking it out in the middle of the ring. And DA King delivers a kick to Johnny's gut. DA King has Johnny in position, and he connects with a powerslam. King is now just stomping on Accura's chest. Those will catch up to you. And DA King hits a standing Senton on Accura. King is going for the cover.




Ted: No you have to better than that to keep the veteran Johnny Accura down. King is picking Johnny up... But Johnny delivers a forearm to the gut! Johnny is now wailing on Kigns back. Johnny pushes King into a corner... AND HE DELIVERS ASERIES OF KNIFE EDGED CHOPS! Kings chest is going to be red tomorrow. And Johnny is not letting up. PENDULUM KICK! RIGHT TO KING'S FACE! King is just sitting in the corner. He has got to be dazed. King is rolling out of the way as Johnny climbs the topr rope. DIVING HEADBUTT! Here is the cover!




Mike: There is a reason why King is on such a hot streak. Its his resiliency. And Johnny is not giving King any breaks. Johnny has DA KIng up. He is goin for the Killswitch. But DA King pushes him away. And Accura bounces off the corner and into a roll up.




Ted: Resourceful move by King but not enough. But King has the momentum now as he goes on the offensive. King delivers a backbreaker and Johnny is down. King looks like he is signaling for the end. King has Johnny up. TRIPLE THREAT! Those suplexes had to hurt. King is not done. DRAGON SLEEPER! AND JOHNNY TAPS OUT!

*Ding Ding Ding*


Ted: It was a hard fought match by the returning Johnny Accura, but it was nowhere near enough to beat hte up and coming star DA King.
Mike: True. It looks like Johnny is just another person added to the list of those King has defeated.

(Snagz theme plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from Toronto Canada. Weighing in at 245 lbs.

Ted: And here comes one of the biggest baddest men in FWE. Snagz is tough as hell and quite frankly will kill you if you look at him the wrong way.

(Pyrite's theme plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from Brooklyn New York,. Weighing in at 285 lbs. He is FWE's Demoliton Champion PYYYYYYYYRIIIIIIITTTTTEEE!
Mike: You talk about Snagz being tough? Pyrite is definitely the toughest man in the company not too many can survive the wrath of the Freakshow and tell the tale.

* Ding Ding Ding *

Mike: And Pyrite comes running out of the gate at Snagz with a clothesline.... but Snagz ducks the clothesline and begins delivering a series of jabs to Pyrite's head. Pyrite is staggering. Snagz picks him up and delivers a big powerslam. What strength by Pyrite. Pyrite is down on the ground as Snagz delivers a running elbow. Snagz picks Pyrite up. He goes for another punch. NO! Pyrite blocks the punch and delivers a kick to the gut.

Ted: Pyrite is the Demolition Champ for a reason he;s not just brawn, there's also some brains in there. Pyrite is now on the offensive as he delivers a couple of forearms to Snagz. Pyrite whips Snagz into the corner... and delivers a running shoulder block to Snagz in the corner. Pyrite is not relenting though. It looks like Pyrite is going for a kill shot... Pyrite connects with a massive spinebuster. Here is the cover.




Mike: Close, but not quite there for Pyrite. It does not matter though, as he continues to go on the offensive. Pyrite has Snagz in a headlock, and he is delivering a series of knees to Snagz gut. PYrite is not playing around in this match. Pyrite has Snagz up for a scoop powerslam... AND HE CONNECTS! That shook the ring. Pyrite runs off the ropes and delivers a running knee drop right to the Snagz face. Pyrite is backing off though. He is waiting for Snagz to get up. Snagz is wandering in a daze... AND PYRITE GREETS HIM WITH A HOOK KICK! DID YOU SEE SNAGZ NECK GO THROUGH WHIPLASH AFTER THAT! HERE IS THE COVER!




Ted: Oh so close, but no cigar. Can you believe Snagz kicked out of that one? Pyrite sure can't as he just shot Snagz a look of pure anger. He is waiting for Snagz to get up. Snagz is up...PYrite goes for the spear... AND HE MISSES! SNAGZ TOSSES HIM INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! Pyrite looks dazed as Snagz goes on the offensive. Snagz is now punching and kicking Pyrite. Snagz bounces off the ropes... AND INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!! But Snagz is not stopping, TAZMISSION! SNAGZ LOCKS IN THE TAZMISSION! PYRITE IS FADING FAST! He's not tapping though. Pyrite is building up steam as he back Snagz into the corner. And he backs up again to break the hold. But Snagz is about to capitalize on Pyrite's moment of weakness. ANOTHER CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! And Snagz now has Pyrite up on his shoulder.... WASTELAND!! HERE IS THE COVER!




Mike: Not once but twice Snagz came very close to winning this match and scoring a huge upset. But it looks like Snagz is not going to give up just yet. Snagz has backed up inot a corner. It looks like he is going for the Shock Treatment. And he...MISSES PYRITE DUCKS AND BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES! SPEAR! SPEAR! SPEAR!. And Pyrite picks Snagz up.... HE HITS THE JACKHAMMER! HERE IS THE COVER...






Ted: What a matchup between these two powerhouses. At the end of the day though, It was Pyrite who emerged victorious.

*** Pyrite goes to celebrate on the ramp but Freakshow's music starts playing. Freakshow walks down the ramp until he comes face to face with Pyrite ***
Mike: What is Freakshow doing!?

Ted: Well, his match is up next so I am sure he wants to get out early for it.

Mike: Yeah but why is he just staring at Pyrite?

Ted: It looks like the master of mind games is trying to play another one.

*** Freakshow breaks the stare and continues towards the ring. Pyrite continues towards the back, not taking his eyes off Freakshow. ***

Mike: Welcome back fans. As you see Freakshow is in the ring after a long staredown with his Glory Road opponent, Pyrite

RA: Coming to the ring from Belleville, New Jersey. Weighing in at 215 lbs.


Mike: Last week. Freakshow and Snagz interfered in a match involving this young man, just to prove a point give him credit for standing up against the Freakshow and challenging him

Ted: Credit, how about we give him a funeral party instead? Who does this young kid think he is going against the King of the Freaks.


Ted: And Freakshow is just toying with his young opponent as he slaps him across the face and starts laughing. OOH Jepha is not taking any of that as he slaps Freakshow right back. Whoa, the smile just went away from Freakshow's face in a hurry. AND THERE HE GOES! Freakshow is just hammering Jepha. And Freakshow connects with a roundhouse kick. Oh and there he goes, laughing and pointing at his downed foe.

Mike: But this Jepha kid is not taking this lying down. He is right back up. Freakshow better turn around. Too late. Jepha hits Freakshow with a running bulldog. Very nicely done. Jepha is now on Freakshow as he delivers a flurry of fists to Freakshow's face. Jepha is picking Freakshow up, and he hits him with a single knee face breaker. Jepha is going for the cover.



Ted: Rookie mistake. You can't get the jump on Freakshow that early. And Freakshow is definitely making him pay after Jepha tried to pick him up. Freakshow is measuring Jepha... and he nails him with a standing dropkick. And he follows that with a double leg drop. It looks like Jimmy is going to start tying Jepha up. And he locks in the Rear Naked Choke! Jepha is writhing in pain! Will He break it? Can he break it? AND JEPHA MAKES IT TO THE ROPES!

Mike: Smart ring presence by Jepha there, but he is still at the mercy of the Freakshow. Freakshow is now trying to lock in an armbar. He's got the hold in. AND JEPHA ROLLS THROUGH! JEPHA ROLLS AGAIN AND NOW HE HAS FREAKSHOW IN A WRISTLOCK!! And now Jepha drops down, trying to pull Freakshow's arm out of its socket. Freakshow is reeling and he ends up in the corner. AND JEPHA NAILS HIM WITH A RUNNING DOUBLE KNEE! Jepha has Freakshow stunned. He drags Freakshow.... AND HE CONNECTS WITH THE ABSOLUTION! JEPHA MIGHT WIN THIS ONE COVER!




Ted: And the Freakshow continues to fight on. Jepha does not look happy about this. Jepha is losing his temper as he starts stomping Freakshow's shoulder. Wait. Freakshow grabs Jepha's leg. He pulls Jepha to the ground. AND FREAKSHOW LOCKS IN THE HANDS OF A FREAK!! WILL JEPHA TAP? WILL JEPHA TAP?

* Ding ding ding *

RA: And the winner of the match. The Freakshooooooooowwwwwwwww.

Mike: And here comes Pyrite! He is not letting Freakshow celebrate for long. Freakshow and Pyrite are now brawling in the ring. Pyrite has Freakshow up for the Jackhammer... And Freakshow ducks out and delivers a low blow to Pyrite. Pyrite is down. Pyrite is down. And now Freakshow grabs the Demolition belt. Could this be what we see at Glory Road?

(Lockdown's Entrance Theme Plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from Philadelphia PA, Weighing in at 252 lbs. THHHHEEEEE LOOOOOOOOOOOOCKKDOOOOOOOOOWWWWNNNN.

Ted: And here comes one of the contenders for the Undisputed title. The man himself, the Lockdown, you gotta like his chances.

(Matt Queen's Entrance Theme Plays)

RA: And his partner... Coming to the ring weighing in at 230 lbs. MATTTTTTTTT QUEEEEEEEEEENNNNN

Mike: Not a lot is known about Matt yet. All we do know is that he is incredibly cocky. But if his level of talent matches his cockiness, then he will go far here in FWE.

(Pook S theme plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from Canada. Weighing in at 250 lbs. POOOOOOOOOKKKKK SSSSSSSSS.

Ted: Pook S is one of the more accomplished wrestlers in FWE and quite frankly, I cannot wait to see what the Canadian Bad Ass can do tonight

(JGT's Theme Plays)

RA: Coming to the ring from New York City New York. Weighing in at 250 lbs. Jericho. Goliath. THOOOOOOMMMMMMASSSSSSSS

Mike: And here is the other contender for the Undisputed title. Thomas has gotta be the toughest billionaire on the planet.


Ted: Here we go. Lockdown is going to start things off with Pook S. And Lockdown connects with a knee to Pook's gut. Pook is bent over and Lockdown is just wailing on him with a series of shots to the back. Lockdown whips Pook into the ropes and catches him on the rebound with a clothesline. Lockdown picks Pook up. He is now pointing at JGT. AND HE LEVELS POOK WITH A CLOTHESLINE!!

MIke: Lockdown picks up Pook again, and again he points at JGT, but Pook takes advantage of the distraction! Pook is delivering a series of lefts and rights to Lockdown. He backs Lockdown into the corner. Lockdown is putting his arms up to defend against the blows, but Pook is punching like a man possessed. Pook pulls Lockdown out of the corner...DDT connects. Here is the first cover of the match.



Ted: No you have to do more than that to keep Lockdown down. But Pook goes and makes the tag to JGT. Here we go We are going to see the two title hopefuls go at it now. JGT begins by kicking Lockdown in the gut. Lockdown is hunched over...AND JGT CONNECTS WITH A DDT OF HIS OWN. Another DDT and Lockdown might end up with a concussion. Lockdown is on the ground. It looks like JGT wants to incapacitate Lockdown and take him out before Glory Road as he locks in the armbar. Lockdown is in tremendous pain. Will he Tap. NO! Lockdown grabs the rope but JGT is not letting go!. Oh My God. Lockdown is using the rope to lift himself up. And he has JGT up... ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT OUT OF NOWHERE! And Lockdown makes the tag to Matt Queen.

Mike: Now here is a guy worth watching. Matt Queen looks to be something truly special here. Matt Queen is taking it to JGT. Matt has JGT up, and he delivers a clothesline that knocks JGT to the ground. Matt picks JGT up, and he lifts him up for a gorila press. He is just holding JGT in the air. What strength. And down JGT goes. And MATT QUEEN HITS A STANDING 450 SPLASH! WHAT A MOVE! Here is the pinfall



POOK S breaks up the count!

Ted: Pook gets credit there for the save. Matt is not relenting though. Matt gets up and hits JGT with a Russian Legsweep. He is pulling JGT towards the turnbuckle. And He nails the Pendulum Elbow! Matt is in the corner, It looks like he is setting up the Justice Kick! JGT is up. Here It comes.... NO! JGT DUCKS! AND JGT HITS A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!

Mike: Both men are slowly moving towards their partners... And they both make the tag! Lockdown and Pook are brawling in the ring. Pook is getting the upper hand though as he backs Lockdown into the corner. Pook is delivering a series of lefts and rights. Pook pulls Lockdown out of the corner... And he connects with a chokeslam. It looks like Pook is going to finish this one off. HE LOCKS LOCKDOWN IN THE SATAN'S PAIN!! The Lockdown is in tremendous pain! Will he tap?

Ted: NO! Matt comes in and breaks up the Satan's Pain! Matt is stomping on Pook, AND JGT CLOTHESLINES MATT! BOTH MEN GO TUMBLING OUT OF THE RING AND START BRAWLING! Meanwhile Lockdown and Pook are getting up. Lockdown is now punching the crap out of Pook. Lockdown has Pook in position... Spin out Powerbomb! Uh oh. Lockdown is getting ready. He picks Pook up once more... THE NEW MILENNIUM!! Lockdown is going for the cover.


Mike: AND JGT PULLS LOCKDOWN OUTSIDE THE RING! WHAT A SPECTACULAR MOVE. And both men are trading punches. Lockdown shoves JGT into the barricade. Lockdown is back in the ring. BUT POOK GREETS HIM WITH A REVERSE DDT! COVER! WAIT JGT IS HOLDING LOCKDOWN'S LEGS. COME ON REF!





RA: And the Winners of this match... Pook S and Jericho Goliath Thomas!

Ted: What an unbelievably cheap move by JGT. But it doesn't look like its going to go unanswered. Lockdown exits the ring and is now brawling with JGT. And now Pook exits the ring and starts fighting with both men as well. And now here comes Matt Queen to join in in the fun. ALL FOUR MEN ARE IN THE WALKWAY JUST DUKING IT OUT!

*** Nick Angel's Theme Plays. ***

Mike: Oh good. Here comes the GM. Hopefully he will restore order with the security team he is bringing.


*** All four men stop and retreat to the backstage, each giving each other an evil look. ***
Nick: This is absolutely inexcusable. On the next Warpath, I promise that this will be dealt with. In fact for the next Warpath I...

*** Harrison Superiore's theme cuts Nick off ***

Ted: Who is this guy coming into the ring. Well he must work for the company as he is now shaking hands with Nick. He is grabbing a mic.

Harrison: Hello FWE fans. My name is Harrison Superiore. I am one of the chief scouts and contractors here in FWE. Although you may not know who I am, I know you are familiar with my work. After all, I am the guy who brought big names into the company, like Richard Enraged *crowd cheers* Johnny Ajax *crowd cheers* Jericho Goliath Thomas *crowd boos*, hell I even went to Russia and convinced R.M. Vrankovic to return *crowd cheers again*. I also brought in another talent, one that you will see more of later.

Harrison: But tonight, I am here for another reason. Nick, I am sorry but right now, the board is very displeased with how things are being run here on Warpath. The ratings are down, and quite frankly some of the fans are displeased with the product you have turned out.

Mike: Now I think that is just B.S. Nick has done a tremendous job as GM.

Nick: How dare you. I work my ass off keeping all those guys in line and deliver the best damn show in FWE. How dare you question me!

*** Nick goes to put his hands on Harrison but then the lights go out for 30 seconds. When the lights go on... Nick Angel is seen knocked out with Tyler Krocket Standing over him. ***

Ted: That is Tyler Krocket. The guy who dominated in his debut tonight!

Harrison: Meet my latest recruit for FWE roster. As I was saying Nick... consider this your termination notice as GM of Warpath. And say hello to the new GM... Harrison Superiore.


(The screen shows Harrison smiling into the camera as it fades to a black screen with the FWE logo.)
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March 13th, 2012
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