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 February 28th, 2012

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*** NOTE: I thought TEC would be able to write this week, but he isn't and I had no time to write the full show. This week, will be the last, short results. Next week will be a full
show. Thank you. ***

Segment 1: Jericho Goliath Thomas & The Lockdown Confrontation
JGT came out to start off the show. JGT talked about his match against The Lockdown @Glory Road for the Undisputed Championship. JGT bragged about past accomplishments and said he would defeat LD with the greatest of ease. LD interrupted and retaliated with his own words. JGT slapped LD in the face and LD got fired up unloading an explosive series of strikes on JGT. LD looked for a Method Of Madness but JGT left the ring. GM Nick Angel came out and told JGT to go back to the ring because he has a match. LD smiling, left the ring as a pissed JGT walked back down to the ring.

Match 1: Jericho Goliath Thomas def. Johnny Awesome
Johnny Awesome tried to defeated JGT to send GM Nick Angel a good impression, but the veteran JGT was the better man and just one step ahead. JGT ends the match dominantly after making Johnny submit to the PayHurt. Camera cuts backstage to show LD clapping sarcastically to JGT's win.

Match 2: Pyrite def. Jimmy Krauss (New Demolition Champion)
After an impressive win at Rival's Revenge with long time enemy Tyler Blade, Pyrite showed the same dominance after defeating Jimmy Krauss and becoming the NEW Demolition Champion! The crowd was on their feet for Pyrite. Only to boo after Jimmy Krauss would attack Pyrite from behind moments later and leave after sticking up the middle finger to the crowd as they boo'd him.

Segment 2: Trevor Thompson Interview with DA King
Highlights of last week's match were shown where DA King won the New Age Championship, becoming the first ever New Age Champion. FWE Interviewer, Trevor Thompson, called out the champ as he walked outwith the belt rested on his shoulder with his girlfriend Stephanie at his side. DA
talked about how good it felt to win his first ever championship in Pro Wrestling and how good it is to have the fans cheering him on each and every week he steps foot in an FWE Ring.

Match 3: DA King def. Johnny Ajax
Moments after DA's interview was over, the veteran Johnny Ajax came out to face him. DA showed no signs of fear against his veteran opponent. Johnny thought he had DA well scouted throughout the match, but he was wrong as the New Age Champ took the fight to him, showing he truly has
"Determined Ability." DA ended the match after hitting an Inverted Powerslam DDT and then got the 3 count. DA King & "DA Queen" Stephanie celebrated after the match with the cheering crowd.

Main Event: Snagz def. The Lockdown
LD and Snagz went back and fourth in this 5-star match up. LD had everything in control and was looking to end Snagz with a Method Of Madness, but JGT would interfere and distract LD in well enough time for Snagz to hit LD with a "Sky High" for the pin. After the match, JGT tried to enter the ring and laugh at LD, but LD stormed up and starting kicking JGT's ass and took him down with a vicious Method Of Madness! The crowd cheering LD on as he pointed to the Glory Road sign and did a title on his waist taunt, saying he will become the first ever Undisputed Champion.
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February 28th, 2012
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