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 February 22nd, 2012

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Unfortunately, TEC is having computer problems so Warpath will be short results. I will write Warpath for the next few weeks until he's back.

-Dark Match: Rouge Warrior def. Vincent Callen

-Segment 1: New GM Revealed

Hass Johnson wasn't ready to come to the arena tonight as scheduled, but the GM was revealed. The new Warpath GM is NICK ANGEL!

-Match 1: The Lockdown defeated Pyrite.

After the match, LD grabbed a mic and said that he wants a shot against JGT at Glory Road to determine the FIRST EVER Undisputed Champion! GM Nick Angel would appear on the titantron and grant it so now it is set.

-Match 2: DA King defeated Hatuka (FIRST EVER NEW AGE CHAMPION).

DA King just squashed Hatuka from the opening bell. Hatuka tried to go for a springboard clothesline, but DA kicked him in the gut in mid air and then ended it with a Pedigree. DA King is your FIRST EVER New Age Champion!

-Match 3: Jimmy Krauss defeated Johnny Awesome. (FIRST EVER DEMOLITION CHAMPION)

The Freakshow was prepared on this first ever Warpath show. Jimmy Krauss is NOW Demolition Champion! And in just a few nights, he can become Dual Champion by becoming WOrld Champ at Rival's Revenge! He showed that on his final night on Mayhem at Rival's Revenge, he's ready to become World Heavyweight Champion. Can Mr. Jack In The Box pull it off and win the Torture Chamber to bring the WHC to Warpath? We'll find out Sunday at Rival's Revenge!

-Main Event: Jericho Goliath Thomas defeated Johnny Ajax.

In an impromptu match, JGT chose long time associate Johnny Ajax as his opponent. Johnny might've been unaware until that moment, but put on a good fight. But in the end, JGT showed that he was the better man on this night. After the match, The Lockdown came out and entered the ring. JGT & LD stared each other down as LD pointed to the Glory Road banner to signify their match for the Undisputed Championship at Glory Road.
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February 22nd, 2012
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