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 FWE World Heavyweight Championship

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FWE World Heavyweight Championship Empty
PostSubject: FWE World Heavyweight Championship   FWE World Heavyweight Championship Icon_minitimeThu Sep 05, 2013 10:20 pm

Defeated Event
Stipulation Days
Creature of the Night/Andrew Bartlett (FWE 1.0) 1
Daniel Blitz Escalation Debut Show October 8th
Singles Match; Finals of Tournament 1
Creature of the Night/Andrew Bartlett 2
Jericho Goliath Thomas, Carmelo Domination & La Vibora
Pick Your Poison I
Fatal 4 Way Elimination Match
21 (Death of FWE 1.0)
Andre The Fireboy (FWE 2.0) 1 Creature Of The Night, Pook S & Johnny Ventura Lasting Annihilation 2011 Fatal 4 Way Electrified Steel Cage Match 0
Watson Terrence Frontway 1 Andre The Fireboy Lasting Annihilation 2011 Won Briefcase of Opportunity earlier in the night and cashed in on ATF at the end of the night to win 54
1 WTF, Liam Catterson, Ray Austin, Jason Skilled & Jimmy Krauss
Rival's Revenge 2012

6 Man Torture Chamber 27
Andre The Fireboy 2 Dorin Glory Road  2012 Singles Match
2 Andre The Fireboy Word Tour 2012
Electrified Steel Cage 7
BarcaEdge 1 Dorin Civil Carnage Singles Match 100
Liam Catterson
Frontline Warfare Last Man Standing Match with Andrew Bartlett as Special Guest Referee 221
Tyler Blade 1 Liam Catterson Commencement of Brutality Cashed in his Briefcase of Opportunity contract on Liam Catterson after his match 80
Mike Cole
1 Tyler Blade
Glory Road 2013 Cashed in his All or Nothing briefcase on Tyler Blade after his match
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FWE World Heavyweight Championship
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